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If you are PREORDERING Sports photos for a team, select delivery options, and deliver to league. If you missed preorder, please use shipping option $10. Banners are delivered locally for free. 
***Tell your player to get their photo taken!  ***


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PLEASE READ: AFTER COMPLETING THIS info - you must go back and add your products to the cart!

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REORDERING IS EASY! Click Purchase on this item ($0) so we can collect your image information and player name that you want to REORDER. Then go back and order what products you want! Reorders and late orders will be shipped directly to you.

If you have your previous portrait envelope please enter the Image Locator Number and R/0# on the front of the envelope to help us locate your image easier (see photo). If you have a reorder card, use the private gallery number provided. If you do not have this information - enter as much information as you have and we will call you if we need more.

IF you do do not pick Any products we will not process your order.

If you do not pay for shipping ($10) on a late order we will bill you separately and not process your order until it is paid.

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