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Image Release for Banner Display

  • Dear Parent/Guardian:

    Banners will be displayed in public places. Your players image and likeness on the banner could be photographed, video taped or posted on social media while it is on display.  This includes online game broadcasts and news outlets. 

  • DC Sports reserves all print rights. You may not make copies of these images in anyway. For additional products with the image please contact DC Sports.

  • DC Sports may post your image and design on our Facebook/Instagram or Webpage.  Once we post the image, please feel free to share directly from our page.  This image is not for print and printing of the image is not allowed under any circumstances

  • DC Sports retains all print rights for the photograph, digital design. The design and photograph may not be used in anyway with out consent.

  • DC Sports gives the authority to the School and Organization to display our work. 

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